Oh, who doesn't just love a festival? Especially when we live in this wonderful part of the world. We are spoilt by winters brimming with sunshine and a teasing hint of nip in the air. 

Flowing natural fabrics and free-form lines meet the texture of knits and the structured command of boots this season; and what better place to show it off than the with a packed calendar of annual festivals. 

The myriad colours and forgiving hues (we say forgiving because the darker they are the less obvious a cheeky spill of red wine or stain of grass or mud!!) are just the ticket to indulge in the spectacle of festivals far and wide. 

Maddie and Carmel are super excited too, because this winter's edit is festival-perfect: Layering, texture, pops of colour and fun and frivolous adornments. Be as chilled or as luxe as you like. But do it in style. While what's on its way for spring is a sight to behold. Soft blues and funky fuchsias are hues of the season and layering will see you from day to night, warm to cool. 

As always HB Boutique will add a touch of spice to your current wardrobe palette, so you can rework and repurpose as your taste (and your budget) sees fit. 

For the more la-dee-da, there are trimmings and shimmers of faux fur and glitter. Metallics and embroidered details add interest (and conversation-starters) to an otherwise muted ensemble. 

Or if you're keen to go all out, we can do that too! Channel your inner D&G or dance to the tunes of Dior – grab inspiration in whatever form it strikes and use Festival time – whatever the time of year - to shine, to enjoy and to leave an indelibly fashionable mark! 

And then, all you need is to have fun! 

Maddie's Picks: 

  1. Mackay Festival of Arts 
  2. Splendour in the Grass 
  3. Isa Rodeo 
  4. Brisbane Festival and Riverfire 
  5. A Day on the Green  

Maddie Jones