Carrie Bradshaw was right: If you want your money right where you can see it, where better than to have it hanging (or neatly stored) in your closet. 

And there is nothing like the End of Financial Year to make key investments or hunt down a bargain! So, just imagine if you could do both. Simultaneously. 

HB-Boutique doesn’t throw the S-word around flippantly. So, you know, when they say SALE they really mean it. 

Update your winter wardrobe – or channel your inner summer goddess and pick up a little last-season stunner – with some incredible bargains, both in-store at Sydney Street Mackay (Across from the Day-Night Pharmacy) and online at 

With 30% off across the board - except for new arrivals, as any good shopper knows anyway – this is a sale to set your style edit for the rest of the season. And let’s face it, with this chilly weather of late, there is no excuse not to work your winter style. 

From stunning evening heels to funky flats; wintry boots to something a little out of the ordinary – as well as a glorious range of cosy to sleek cool weather clothes and adornments – there is something here to flex the credit card on – and yes, we are disciples of the god of retail therapy: Afterpay!!! 

So set your diary alerts for June 23-29. Do whatever it takes. You might even want to take an actual lunch break on one of those days! 

Whatever you do, wherever you are, there is no excuse to miss this fabulous sale event – and if you know it’s a HB Boutique event, you know it’s for real – both in store and online! 

Hop to it, ladies. Best foot forward! It’s sale time! 


Maddie Jones
Tagged: Sale