Working together was never something fashionista duo Carmel and Maddie Jones had planned on, but when the chance came up to take on – and transform – what had become one of Mackay region's most iconic brands, it was a classic case of opportunity finding them! 

Today, with a quick Q&A, we chat to the mother-daughter business partners to get a glimpse into their stylish world and find out what makes them tick… 

Q1: What's it like working together? 

Maddie:  Working with my mum was something we never planned but it is working out so far as I continue to learn and grow with her.  

Carmel: I love working with Maddie watching her grow with the business is a proud mummy moment, she continues to push me out of my comfort zone and take risks.  
Q2: What is your favourite label? 

Maddie: Prem and Alfie & Evie 

Carmel:  Sala and Fate and Becker 
Q3: Heels or Flats? 

Maddie: Heels 

Carmel: Heels 
Q4: What's your favourite colour? 

Maddie: Black 

Carmel:  Green/Mustard  
Q5: What is your central business philosophy? 

Maddie:  A positive and fun environment for everyone to feel comfortable to be themselves.  
Carmel: You get out of life what you put in. Be kind, be friendly, be happy.  
Q6: Who is your style icon? 

Maddie: Rihanna  
Carmel:  Nicole Kidman  
Q7: What's your favourite little nook in you stunning Sydney Street Shop? 

Maddie: The red couch of course!  
Carmel: My favourite place is always changing as we redecorate.  
Q8: What is the top item on your Bucket List? 

Maddie: Milan - Fashion Week.  
Carmel: Traveling to Europe 

Q9: Coffee or Tea? 

Maddie: Coffee - I can’t go a day without.  
Carmel: Coffee 
Q10: Favourite thing to do when not at work? 

Maddie: Going out to eat & hanging out with my dog.  
Carmel: Long hot shower and relax, if I have the energy, a bike ride.  
Q11: What's your drink or tipple of choice? 

Maddie: Espresso martini 
Carmel: Vodka lime & soda  
Q12: What's your guilty pleasure? 

Maddie: Hot chips -never fails me.  
Carmel: Chocolate (cherry ripe) 
Q13: What won't you leave home without? 

Maddie: Phone  
Carmel: Lippy  
Q14: Favourite go-to beauty product? 

Maddie: Lip balm & brows  
Carmel: Foundation  

Q15: What are you looking forward to in Spring-Summer 2018-19? 
Maddie: Slides  
Carmel: Espadrilles  
Q16: What do you consider to be the best fashion moment in history? 

Maddie: Cat eye sunglasses 
Carmel: LBD  
Q17: …And the worst moment? 

Maddie: Wedge sneakers  
Carmel: Shoulder Pads 

Maddie Jones