Embrace your inner romantic. It’s the season of St Valentine, after all. 

You need not go all hearts and roses, But the Indian Summer looks of cool neutrals with hot pops of colour make for wardrobe additions you’ll be head over heels for. 

With an edgy renaissance of the time-honoured New Romantic, teamed with the classic sensibilities of natural fabrics and soft hues, there are looks to give your summer edit a late-in-the-season refresh. 

So how to rock the big love vibe – whatever your social media relationship status – this Valentine’s Day? Read on for HB Boutique’s five easy how-tos! 

1.  A love that lasts… There are some things that never go out of style. Classics are a staple of any good wardrobe and knowing what works for you equates to a relationship that will last. This season we have seen a stunning resurgence of classics like natural-look espadrilles, beautifully cut shorts and accessories which are strong but not overbearing, striking but not ostentatious. It’s pieces like these that will last an eternity, bring out your best and be ever-faithful. 



2.  Summer lust-afters… Oftentimes there are jut those fabulous little pieces – and even big investments – which you simply must have. You see them, you fall head over heels (literally!), you buy them and you love them sooooo much! Fabulous trinkets and pieces to define a season are wonderful additions to give any wardrobe an update. Still, though, guard your heart. Stay true to what you love and what you know works for you. It might be the “it” item du jour but if it doesn’t work with you, play to your strengths and ensure you put your best foot forward, don’t be messed around. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun though, right? Just take a look at the fabulous Summer 2017-18 styles to stoke the desire! 



3.  Autumnal Flirtations … It’s about now we start pining for the sultry cool of Autumn. While North Queensland seasons seem as non-committal as a summer holiday fling, there is still something nice about looking forward to a nip in the air. Cosying up with warm neutrals and thicker weaves, and casting a sideways glance at closed in toes and edgier lines all bodes well for a change in seasons and a nod to the dawn of a new season

4.  See your True Colours… Own it, baby. Make the statement. Be bold. Say what you think and feel. And make no apologies. Wallflowers don’t get the dates. So stand up and be counted. Make a statement with colour or invest in strong, no-nonsense made-to-be-looked-at pieces. Make it fabulous. But commit. Don’t do it half-hearted. After all, you want to be loved for who you are; you want to be noticed as an individual in charge of your fashion story. The apologetic need not apply. 



5.  RESPECT … You heard us. This is the key. How often have you been told that you have to love yourself before you can love another (or, be loved by another in return)? It’s true. And it’s worth remembering on St Valentine’s Day of all days. Sugar and spice and all things nice are all very well. So too flowers and chocolates. Diamonds and other fancy adornments are always allowed, of course! But shoes are forever and wardrobe classics never go out of style. Just ask Maddie, Carmel and Leanne at HB Boutique if you need a reminder! Know what works (and just as importantly, what doesn’t work, for you) and rock what you have to your full potential. What do you really love? Now there’s a question!! But it’s in the answer that not only holds the key to a great wardrobe, but to an outlook and state of mind that makes you who you ought to be: completely, entirely and unapologetically YOU! 

Maddie Jones
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