New Year. New You. 

I know, right!? It's about now that you start getting really REALLY sick of hearing that awful turn-of-the-calendar saying. 

But, in the spirit of injecting a little fresh fabulousness to your state of mind, and also prepping to make the shuffle back to work a little more bearable, we might have just the alternative to the tired and hollow mantra! 


Really. As if there is another answer! 

You might be trodding your way back to the daily grind, but there is no reason the party shouldn't keep on keeping on, south of the ankles. 

Saige and Sohl have the spirit-lifting wardrobe updates your wardrobe craves. Teamed with some key accessories, and a splash of summery fun (just because you can) even the strictest dress code and most stringent uniform can be put together, and look professional, while still embracing a hint of your own personal style. 


pumps or practical heels need not be code for frumpy or dowdy. Practicality and style can still make a perfect – and Sohlful – marriage. 

If there is a New Year's resolution worth making this year (and just because we are already cruising toward mid-January, it's not too late to start!) then it is to adhere faithfully to your own individual style. Or, if you're still not sure what that looks like, then come and ask Mackay's clever fashion Saiges and they will have you on the right track.


Nothing fun or satisfying comes from being part of the flock; following code to the letter and not letting your individuality shine. Of course, in work itself sometimes that is essential – but even surgeons can add a splash of their own quirkiness to their scrubs, and safety gear comes with steel-capped boots in all shades of colourful fun! 

So whatever your dress code, take it up a notch. Own your style. Work it. 

And clock on knowing you're rocking your workwear with Saige and plenty of Sohl.

Maddie Jones