Afterpay, baby! It is simply glorious. 

This new revolutionary way of payment - which could well be the best addition to the fashion industry since Chanel launched No. 5; or Audrey Hepburn made famous the LBD – has made updating your wardrobe with the latest styles more accessible and affordable than ever before. 

It’s the best version of buy now, pay later, only with a stylish and practical twist! Really, what more could you want? Here is a system (which is Australian owned and developed, too) which enables you to shop either online or in store at key fashion houses such as HB Boutique and spare the credit card the stress of an upfront purchase.  

It’s the brainchild of Afterpay Touch Group, which is a financial tech group operating throughout Australia and New Zealand. The system has taken retail by storm and it is a lock-tight way of securing payment for your favourite stores, while making sure you can take home your new fashion treasure without having to fess up to nasty bills. 

It’s so simple! The cost of the item is broken into four simple payments. 

Yes. Really. For those of you who might have been hibernating under a rock and waiting for the styles of Spring-Summer, this is actually A THING! You buy. You register. You pay in instalments.  

It makes budgeting for your fashion addiction more manageable and it is a great way of making sure you are able to snap up the latest finds – even when you have bills and rent to pay and the credit has run out on your phone. 

It’s not about being irresponsible – but we all know how quickly those fabulous, seasonal must-haves are snapped up by others. And when there is a one-of piece you just HAVE TO have, then here is the answer to your prayers. 

If only the Girl with the Green Scarf (if you haven’t seen Confessions of a Shopaholic then treat yourself this weekend!) had known about it! 



Maddie Jones
Tagged: afterpay